Business as usual.

Saturday 19/ Sunday 20 September 2009.
Avon Gorge, Bristol, United Kingdom.

Administration: heath bunting;

Six unusual one-to-one climate change related professional development 
training days for artists. 

Four artists, working together, will provide six training sessions 
around Bristol for interested artists.

Each session will include practical and theoretical activities and take 
the trainee artist from conception of a project to the final stages of 
distribution including funding, promotion, audience and context

Each training session will be lead by a world class artist with 
accomplished skills in production, the creation of meaning in the 
contemporary context and project financing. 

Crossing terrain.

Location: greater bristol.

Lead artist: heath bunting;

A training day in how to leave, travel and arrive invisibly, silently and 

Varied terrain such as water, mud, rock, concrete and security zones will 
be examined and traversed.
Geographic mobility is going to be of key importance as homes and habitats 
become damaged and inaccessible

The role of the artist as infiltrator and spy will be joked about, but 
artist as leader and visionary will be discussed seriously 

In the trees.

Location: somewhere in Leigh Woods, Bristol.

Lead artist: heath bunting;

Participants will learn how to re-inhabit the canopy.

As climate chaos ensues, we will be slipping back to more familiar modes 
of living such as cave and canopy dwelling.

Starting with basic rope work and philosophy, access to, travel through, 
hunting within and sleeping on the tree canopy will be covered.

Temporary issues of how to make adventure and play as art and how to make 
money from fun will be covered in detail. We will also discuss post 
apocalypse creative arts and economy. 

Becoming human\Becoming animal\Becoming hunter.

Location: somewhere in the Leigh Woods, Bristol.

Lead artist: james kennard;

Participants learn to hunt and kill for food; To play with the world; To 
become invisible; To make manifest the imagined (to see the invisible).

Also the participants will attempt to understand science and spirituality 
and ones relationship to them and the universe.

Participants will walk to a hunting ground, where they will begin to 
practise looking and moving. They will then throw stones, on competent at 
this they will progress to sticks. After a suitable grasp of gravity, 
aerodynamics, solidity, fragility and ones ability to inhabit these 
realities physically and psychologically is established, participants may 
progress to sling shots.

Throughout this process advice on animal behaviour, position and pathways 
will be given.

The day will conclude by abandoning all tools and perspective to run 
through woods and fields with deer. 

Stone age pottery.

Location: somewhere in the Leigh Woods, Bristol.

lead artist: vahida ramujkic;

Looking for and collecting mud with good properties for modelling and 
firing (mud has to be of homogeneous consistency, without dirts inside 
(stones, woods, leafs).

Collecting wood and branches for the fire on the way. Those will be also 
used for making other wooden tools (as hooks, needles, maybe simple bow 
and arrow or a string) while firing the pots.

Try to spot water nearby.

Finding a good place to settle. preparing the fire. As the process of 
drying takes one week, another already dry object will be used for firing 
this time...

Preparing clay (massing it) into consistent mass adding water if its dry. 
when its ready modelling pots or other objects. Letting it dry on a safe, 
dry place (a cave?)

Firing of clay is a slow process and it takes up to 6-7 hours. Other 
smaller tools out of wood or strings could be made while maintaining the 

A person attending the teaching will do the firing of her objects in one 
week time by herself. 

Hidden shelter.

Location: Bristol city limits / suburban areas - wilderness.

Lead artist: vahida ramujkic;

Introspection route in the chosen area - finding a good spot for making a 
base - collecting the scratch material in radius of 500m (both natural and 
artificial materials).

Building a shelter, using found material / taking care of its position / 
it has to be hidden and difficult access.

Learning other practises as making a rope / knots / sewing / in necessary 
making ladders for the access or so. 

Climate change observational drawing.

Location: Bristol city.

Lead artist: Kayle Brandon;

All day event | Bristol City | 5 people Can we observe climate change within a concrete situation? Can we draw it? The day will be structured around looking for climate change within the city of Bristol. The search will included looking for it within its people, and the territories fauna and flora. Can we grasp the consequence and reality of climate change within daily life scenarios? A series of drawing exercises will be devised that experiment with this question. The first exercise being centred around a climate change conversation with 80 year old and 11 year old resident and the last drawing exercise being on the banks of the river Avon drawing mud sedimentation. No specific drawing ability required, but passion essential.

This project forms part of DIY 6, a Live Art Development Agency initiative 
developed in collaboration with Artsadmin, New Work Network, The Basement, 
Colchester Arts Centre, Nuffield Theatre & LANWest, and PLATFORM.

Commissioned by:

CJ Mitchell
Live Art Development Agency
Rochelle School
Arnold Circus
London E2 7ES
United Kingdom
t: +44 (0)20 7033 0275
f: +44 (0)20 7033 0276