border ing guide - clients.

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Only static social clients are authorised to view BorderXing guide.

Authorised clients.

Any client, chile.
Any client, niue.
Any client, togo.
Any client, marshall islands.
Any client, philippines.
Any client, st. pierre and miquelon.
Any client, angola.
Any client, bosnia/herzegovinia.
Any client, hong kong.
Any client, yugoslavia.
Any client, falkland islands/malvinas.
Any client, antigua and barbuda.
Any client, bulgaria.
Any client, slovenia.
Any client, bahamas.
Any client, saint kitts and nevis.
Any client, puerto rico.
Any client, slovakia.
Any client, neutral zone.
Any client, netherlands antilles.
Any client, aruba.
Any client, french southern territory.
Any client, palau.
Any client, nepal.
Any client, liberia.
Any client, morocco.
Any client, eritrea.
Any client, san marino.
Any client, fiji.
Any client, tuvalu.
Any client, thailand.
Any client, turkey.
Any client, israel.
Any client, dominica.
Any client, singapore.
Any client, u.s. virgin islands.
Any client, south korea.
Any client, u.s. minor outlying islands.
Any client, azerbaijan.
Any client, nicaragua.
Any client, peru.
Any client, bermuda.
Any client, kuwait.
Any client, united arab emirates.
Any client, antarctica.
Any client, sri lanka.
Any client, cameroon.
Any client, laos.
Any client, el salvador.
Any client, iceland.
Any client, american samoa.
Any client, mexico.
Any client, ukraine.
Any client, gabon.
Any client, indonesia.
Any client, georgia.
Any client, micronesia.
Any client, anguilla.
Any client, yemen.
Any client, russian federation.
Any client, french guiana.
Any client, new zealand (aotearoa).
Any client, mauritius.
Any client, oman.
Any client, moldova.
Any client, saudi arabia.
Any client, nauru.
Any client, vatican city state.
Any client, haiti.
Any client, niger.
Any client, wallis and futuna islands.
Any client, tanzania.
Any client, lithuania.
Any client, rwanda.
Any client, cayman islands.
Any client, taiwan.
Any client, honduras.
Any client, greenland.
Any client, a top-level domain name used for international institutions..
Any client, jordan.
Any client, metropolitan france.
Any client, vanuatu.
Any client, japan.
Any client, myanmar.
Any client, dominican republic.
Any client, botswana.
Any client, trinidad and tobago.
Any client, jamaica.
Any client, zaire.
Any client, malta.
Any client, uzbekistan.
Any client, greece.
Any client, djibouti.
Any client, china.
Any client, british virgin islands.
Any client, belize.
Any client, kenya.
Any client, ghana.
Any client, mali.
Any client, gambia.
Any client, guatemala.
Any client, afghanistan.
Any client, armenia.
Any client, bahrain.
Any client, montserrat.
Any client, barbados.
Any client, tonga.
Any client, sierra leone.
Any client, burkina faso.
Any client, nigeria.
Any client, albania.
Any client, malawi.
Any client, uganda.
Any client, samoa.
Any client, tajikistan.
Any client, bolivia.
Any client, heard and mcdonald islands.
Any client, somalia.
Any client, maldives.
Any client, macau.
Any client, uruguay.
Any client, tokelau.
Any client, guadeloupe.
Any client, guinea-bissau.
Any client, turks and caicos islands.
Any client, portugal.
Any client, brunei darussalam.
Any client, french polynesia.
Any client, poland.
Any client, christmas island.
Any client, turkmenistan.
Any client, tunisia.
Any client, cape verde.
Any client, venezuela.
Any client, libya.
Any client, egypt.
Any client, svalbard and jan mayen islands.
Any client, malaysia.
Any client, qatar.
Any client, northern mariana islands.
Any client, kiribati.
Any client, namibia.
Any client, madagascar.
Any client, czechoslovakia (former).
Any client, new caledonia.
Any client, south georgia and south sandwich islands.
Any client, ecuador.
Any client, romania.
Any client, algeria.
Any client, faroe islands.
Any client, guinea.
Any client, brazil.
Any client, mongolia.
Any client, iraq.
Any client, western sahara.
Any client, senegal.
Any client, benin.
Any client, mozambique.
Any client, burundi.
Any client, argentina.
Any client, sao torme and principe.
Any client, comoros.
Any client, chad.
Any client, gibraltar.
Any client, saint vincent and the grenadines.
Any client, bangladesh.
Any client, cocos islands.
Any client, mayotte.
Any client, lesotho.
Any client, suriname.
Any client, sudan.
Any client, bhutan.
Any client, east timor.
Any client, equatorial guinea.
Any client, colombia.
Any client, lebanon.
Any client, central african republic.
Any client, swaziland.
Any client, guyana.
Any client, latvia.
Any client, former ussr.
Any client, saint helena.
Any client, ethiopia.
Any client, cuba.
Any client, estonia.
Any client, reunion.
Any client, guam.
Any client, viet nam.
Any client, congo.
Any client, india.
Any client, belarus.
Any client, zambia.
Any client, norfolk island.
Any client, grenada.
Any client, solomon islands.
Any client, paraguay.
Any client, panama.
Any client, bouvet island.
Any client, costa rica.
Any client, british indian ocean territory.
Any client, iran.
Any client, pakistan.
Any client, syria.
Any client, kazakhstan.
Any client, saint lucia.
Any client, seychelles.
Any client, cook islands.
Any client, finland.
Any client, martinique.
Any client, north korea.
Any client, cote d ivoire.
Any client, cambodia.
Any client, papua new guinea.
Any client, cyprus.
Any client, zimbabwe.
Any client, kyrgyzstan.
Any client, pitcairn.
Any client, mauritania.
Aberystwyth university, old college, king street, aberystwyth, wales.
Acxess, scheuchzerstrasse 79, zuerich, switzerland.
Ajvar, unknown, skopje, macedonia.
Alex layzell, horwood x03, keele university accomodation, united kingdom.
Alexandre, 755 grande allée ouest, -, canada.
Alfred university, saxon drive, alfred, united states of america.
Ali peksen, santralistanbul kazim karabekir cad. no 1 eyup istanbul , istanbul, turkey.
Alice jordan, 25a lausanne rd, , manchester, england.
Almut rembges, kraftstrasse 20, basel, switzerland.
American center plzen, domnikanska 9, plzen, czech republic.
Amy, 110 high st santa cruz ca, ucsc, united states of america.
Andrea cinel, werfstraat 13, brussels, belgium.
Anke coumans, dorpsstraat 35, slijk-ewijk, nethrlands.
Anna cameron, po box 1812, wellington, new zealand, new zealand.
Anne sophie, 10 rue de l´epée, lyon, france.
Anne-marie armstrong, 36 edgewood avenue, yale school of architecture, new haven, ct , united state of america.
April thompson, 3269 cobblestone drive, florida, united states of america.
Artnode, dr. tvaergade 6a, , copenhagen k, denmark.
Artsway, station road, sway, united kingdom.
ASCII Internetworkplace, jodenbreestraat 24 sous, amsterdam, the netherlands.
Ashton university, ashton triangle, birmingham, united kingdom.
Associazione 22:37, via sismondi 24, milano, italy.
Aur�lien gschwind, ch. des sports 4, coppet, switzerland.
Ball state university, 2000 w. university ave., muncie, united states of america.
Banff centre, 107 tunnel mountain drive, banff, canada.
Baruch gottlieb, 134 shinchon dong seodaemun gu seoul korea yonsei university graduate school of communication and arts, seoul, korea.
Bauguil, 61 rue du port, clermmont ferrand, france.
Belfast public library, royal avenue, belfast, united kingdom.
Ben g, 1 place brandt, strasbourg, france.
Berkay tuncay, iskenderpasa mh. degnekcı sk. no:5 fatih istanbul, istanbul, turkey.
Bojana kunt, via grande 5, girona, spain.
Boxing club, 646 commercial road, london e14, studio/events space, united kingdom.
Brighton university, mithras house, lewes road, brighton, united kingdom.
Bristol blue glass, 5 three queens lane, bristol, united kingdom.
Bristol central public library, college green, bristol, united kingdom.
Bristol computer and cartridge, 94 queens road, bristol, united kingdom.
British council, 10 spring gardens, london, united kingdom.
British council - visual arts, 11 portland place, london, united kingdom.
British council new zealand, , , new zeland.
British film institute, 21 stephen street, london, united kingdom.
Bruno, toluca, méxico, toluca, méxico.
Btizzmzm,,, united states of america.
C3, országház utca 9., budapest, hungary.
Call on me, innrain 20, innsbruck, austria.
Cambridge university, , cambridge, united kingdom.
Campbell drake, 1 augusta st, victoria, australia.
Cardiff 2008 ltd, the old library, the hayes, cardiff, wales.
Ccit the university of toronto at mississauga, , toronto, canada.
Central saint martins college of art and design, , london, united kingdom.
Charles shaw, 800 chestnut st. , san francisco, united states of america.
Christa muhr, worellstrasse 3.30, wien, austria.
Christopher fitzgerald, 106 ferguson hall, university park, pa, pennsylvania, u.s.a..
Chuan khoo, 168 ang mo kio ave 8, singapore, singapore.
Cindy choi , no. 2 guangxin street, beijing, china.
Cinecentro rialto, via s gottard 1, locarno, switzerland.
Claire harris, 415 bushwick ave, apt 4l, new york, united states of america.
Coconut cafe, 53 place d armes, calais, france.
Colby sawyer college, 100 mian street, new london, united states of america.
Community media association, 15 paternoster row, sheffield, united kingdom.
Computer b-k1, easyeverything, sebastopol, paris, france.
Computer f-h1, easyeverything, 456/459 strand, trafalgar square, london, united kingdom.
Computer g-f7, easyeverything, ronda universitat 35, barcelona, spain.
Computer g-l15, easyeverything, la rabla, barcelona, spain.
Conceptlab, 418 beerling, saskatoon, canada.
Contemporary arts center skopje, orce nikolov 109, skopje, republic of macedonia.
Courtauld institute of art, somerset house, strand, london, united kingdom.
Cube cinema, 4 princess row, bristol, united kingdom.
Cyber games zone, 3 cross street, newcastle upon tyne, united kingdom.
Cyberspace cafe, engelbrektsgatan 13, malmo, sweden.
Da2, 70 great portland street, london, united kingdom.
Daniel tankersley, university of florida, gainesville, fl, united states of america.
Dartington college of arts, unknown, totnes, united kingdom.
Data store, 58 dublin street, dundalk, ireland.
Deckspace, borough hall, royal hill, greenwich, london, united kingdom.
Department of art history, lund university, unkown, lund, sweden.
Department of philosophy,saint louis university , 3800 lindell blvd, rm. 130, st. louis, united states of america.
Diane pigeau, ecole du magasin, 155 cours berriat, grenoble, france.
Diego, nuzhetiye cad. besiktas 18, istanbul, turkey.
Ditton public library, queens avenue, dittom, united kingdom.
Diverseworks artspace, 1117 east freeway, houston, united states of america.
Dixie bar, place d armes, calais, france.
Dock 18, , zurich, switzerland.
Durham university, stockton road, durham, united kingdom.
Durham university geography , 43 hawthorn terrace, durham, england.
E.i.kapai, 48 elgin rd, mornington, dunedin, new zealand.
Easton internet cafe, 137 lawrence hill, bristol, united kingdom.
Easyeverything, hauptbahnhof platz, munchen, germany.
Edge hill, st helens road, ormskirk, lancaster, united kingdom.
Eleonore hellio, 2 rue de l'académie, strasbourg, france.
Elisabeth, ilyas celebi sokak, istanbul, turkey.
Espace multimedia gantner, 1 rue de la varonne, bourogne, france.
Eth biliothek, raemistrasse 101, zurich, switzerland.
Eva de groote, st.pietersnieuwstraat 23, gent, belgium.
Experimental art foundation, po box 8091 station arcade, adelaide, australia.
Facoltà di sociologia, university of rome, via salaria, 113, rome, italy.
Fafamuche, kerttulinkuja 4c38, helsinki, finland.
Faris dizdarević, 72000, zenica, bosnia and herzegovina.
Flat-s internet cafe, bahnhofplatz 9-12, nurnberg, germany.
Folly, 26 castle park, lancaster, united kingdom.
Folly, 26 castle park, lancaster, united kingdom.
Francesca falk, lothringerstr. 79, basel, switerzland.
Francis mcgrath, one university dr, orange, ca us, california, united states of america.
Fred zhang, beijing no.8 high school, beijing, china.
Frederico fazenda, tate collection, 7-14 mandela way, london, united kingdom.
Future point internet centre, c/ de la sardana no. 6, andorra la vella, andorra.
Galerie im taxispalais, maria-theresien-strasse 45, innsbruck, austria.
Galleri valfiskens, järnvägsgatan 2, simrishamns, sweden.
Geraldine trueman, 183 osbourne road, newcastle upon tyne, united kingdom.
Glasgow cca, 350 sauchiehall st, glasgow, united kingdom.
Global studies program, the new school, 66 w.12th st., suite 401, new york, ny, united states of america.
Goldsmith college, newcross, london, united kingdom.
Grenselandmuseet, foerstevannslia, kirkenes, norway.
Grizedale, grizedale arts (near hawkshead), grizedale, united kingdom.
Grupo de investigación hum425, av. andalucía s/n, granada, españa.
Gustavus adolphus college, 800 west college avenue, st. peter, united states of america.
Gwyan rhabyt, art dept, csu east bay, 25800 carlos bee blvd, hayward, us.
Hafencity university, averhoffstra�e 38, hamburg, germany.
Halton lea public library, halton lea, runcorn, united kingdom.
Hampshire college, 893 west street, amherst, ma, united state of america.
Hangar, passatge del marquès de santa isabel, 40, barcelona, spain.
Harry major, millbank, chelsea college of art and design, united kingdom.
Harvard university, 33 kirkland street, cambridge, ma, us.
Helix arts, , , .
Hellekin, 19, cité voltaire, paris, 2nd floor left, france.
Hiil internet cafe, 69 stokes croft, bristol, united kingdom.
Hochschule für bildende künste, braunschweig, johannes-selenka-platz 1, braunschweig, germany.
Hoedemakers, bordetstraat 13, hilversum, netherlands.
Home, , , .
Hum lab, -, umea, sweden.
Human resources development canada, 140 promenade du portage, phase iv, hull, canada.
Ig bildende kunst, gumpendorferstrasse 10-12, wien, austria.
Internet corner, hauptbanhof, innsbruck, .
Invisible food, 6c flodden road, london, united kingdom.
Inès kchaou, route caid m'hammed , sfax, tunisia.
Isia urbino, via santa chiara, 36, urbino, italy.
Isis, , , .
Istanbul bilgi university, kazım karabekir cad. no:2/13 eyüp/istanbul, istanbul, turkey.
Ithaca college, 335 cascadilla st ithaca, ny, united states of america.
Jack fisher, the plaza, leeds, united kingdom.
Jacob lillemose, noerrebrogade 7a, copenhagen, denmark.
Jacob lillemose, karen blixens vej 1, copenhagen, denmark.
James else, 98 chapeltown road, leeds, united kingdom.
Jfxgonzalez, corsega 235, barcelona, spain.
Joannes késenne, oude luikerbaan 97, hasselt, belgium.
Joensuun ylioppilaslehti, niskakatu 16 a, joensuu, finland.
John bogaard, 97403-5229 university of oregon, art history department, united states of america.
John bogaard, 90024, art history department, united states of america.
John moores university, , liverpool, united kingdom.
Jonas, 630 f street, davis ca, united states of america.
Jonathan darling, school of environment and development, university of manchester, oxford road, manchester, manchester, united kingdom.
Jose raul torres, 07918, mexico, mexico.
Julie henneberg, 252 christie street, toronto, canada.
Julieta cardenas , 152 park ave, ny, united states of america.
Karen bishop, 105 george street, new brunswick, nj, somerset, united states of america.
Karen elizabeth bishop, 47 chelsea court /franklin park, nj, somerset, united states of america.
Karlsruhe university of arts and design (research), lorenzstrasse 15, karlsruhe, germany.
Kayle, 16 hall farm rd , suffolk, united kingdom.
Khoj, s-17, khirkee extension, new delhi, india.
Khoj, s-17, khirkee extension, new delhi, india.
Kim choi, creative media center, kowloon tong, hk, hk, h.
King's college london, 165 great dover st., london, united kingdom.
Kit, university of cumbria, lancashire, united kingdom.
Knowle west media centre, leinster avenue, bristol, united kingdom.
Kokerei zollverein, arendahls wiese, essen, germany.
Konsthögskolan valand , box 132, göteborg, sweden.
Kuda, brace mogin 2, po box 22, detelinara, novi sad, serbia.
Kultivator, dyestad bygata 7, f�rjestaden, sweden.
Kungl konsthogskolan, flaggmans v.1, stockholm, sweden.
Kunsthøgskolen i bergen , strømgaten 1, bergen, -.
Kunstverein, galeriestrasse 4, munchen, germany.
Kurt, , , .
La freewaves, 2151 lake shore ave, la, united states of america.
Landspitali university hospital library, eiriksgata 19, reykjavik, iceland.
Laudanum, -, coogee, australia.
Lee hyun joo, kyunggido goyangsi duckyanggu, seoul, korea.
Leeds college of art and design, jacob kramer building, blenheim walk, leeds, united kingdom.
Les abattoirs, 76 allées charles-de-fitte, toulouse, france.
Liberation, , paris, france.
London school of economics, houghton street, london, united kingdom.
Lu, 234 singapore, singapore, singapore.
Lucy, 150-154 east street, bristol, bristol, united kingdom.
Lym, 23 faber park, singapore, singapore.
L’école de cinéma, 1, rue des stocks, nantes, france.
M art in(n), tågagatan 33, -, sweden.
M-node phd program, via carlo darwin 20, milano, italy.
Maite robles, 45040, jalisco, mexico.
Malmo art academy, box 17083, malmo, sweden.
Malmo konsthall, s:t johannesgatan 7, malmo, sweden.
Malmo university, -, malmo, sweden.
Mama, preradoviceva 18, zagreb, croatia.
Maria pithara, 2809 west grace , richmond, va, united states of america.
Marianna , 00061, yerevan, armenia.
Mark tribe, providence, providence, united states of america.
Mat, 85 dinsdale road, newcastle, united kingdom.
Matthew ward, 25 dyers pass road, christchurch, new zealand.
Media arts lab / kuenstlerhaus bethanien, mariannenplatz 2, berlin, germany.
Media centre d art i disseny, passeig de gràcia, 114, principal, barcelona, spain.
Mich, université, grenoble, france.
Michael dieter, 2/44 park drive parkville, melbourne, australia.
Michael s goodman, 540 w olin ave suite 211, madison wi, united states of america.
Middlebury college, middlebury, vt, united states of america.
Mitchell dean, macquarie university, sydney, australia.
Mladina, trubarjeva 79, ljubljana, slovenia.
Molfetta arti contemporanee, via bisceglie, 2013, italy.
Mona kreipe, andréestr.7, münchen, germany.
Monte puccino, hindenburgstrasse 30, garmisch partenkirchen, germany.
Morsø kommune, jernbanevej 7, nykøbing mors, denmark.
Mriganka, iit guwahati, assam, india.
Mudam, 10 avenue guillaume, luxembourg, luxembourg.
Museo de arte contemporáneo, -, santiago, chile.
New media centre, ica, the mall, london, united kingdom.
New media scotland, 77 montgomery street , edinburgh, scotland.
New york university, washington square, greenwich village, new york, united states of america.
Nictoglobe, entrepotbrug 213, amsterdam, the netherlands.
Noborder network, rustenburgerstraat@ferdinad bol straat, amsterdam, netherlands.
Northwestern university, 633 clark street, evanston, il, united states of america.
Norwich school of art and design, st georges street, norwich, united kingdom.
Nottingham university, -, nottingham, united kingdom.
O.t., balmes, 48, barcelona, spain.
Ocari, r sete setembro 2584 sao carlos - sp, 123456, brazil.
Ontario college of art and design, 289 brunswick ave, none, canada.
Oswego state university of new york, -, oswego, united states of america.
Pablo jansana, 56 south 11th st apt 6d, ny, united states of america.
Peterborough central library, broadway, peterborough, united kingdom.
Piet zwart institute, willem de kooning academy, po box 1272, rotterdam, the netherlands.
Plymouth college of art and design, tavistock place, plymouth, united kingdom.
Pomona college, 170 e. 6th st., claremont, ca, united states of america.
Pompeu fabra university, -, barcelona, spain.
Postmasters, 459 w 19 street, new york, united states of america.
Pov, p.o. box 5034, bowling green station, new york, united states of america.
Prangan, 155 george street, mcm, united states of america.
Pratt, -, new york, united states of america.
Program initiative, invalidenstr 115, berlin, germany.
Project 47, 47 lewisham way, london, united kingdom.
Protein, 53 great eastern street, london, united kingdom.
Public netbase, burggasse 21, vienna, austria.
Rachel fox, 20 johnson road, nottingham, united kingdom.
Radio 90, glyde hall, banff centre, banff, canada.
Ravensbourne college of design and communications, walden road, london, united kingdom.
Rebecca galemba, 2435 s. fillmore st. denver, co, denver, united states of america.
Redundant technology initiative, 1 sidney street, sheffield, united kingdom.
Refugee education & training advisory service - world university service uk, 14 dufferin street, london, united kingdom.
Research group: hum425. facultad de bellas artes. universidad granada, av. andalucía s/n, granada, spain.
Rhianon schuman, 2199 s university blvd, denver, united states of america., 583 broadway, new york, united states of america.
Ricardo mbarkho, c/o alba, sin el fil, lebanon.
Rina hare, rued langgards vej 7, it-university of copenhagen, denmark.
Rita camacho lomeli, 16 felstead, toronto, canada.
Rixc medialab, 11 novembra krastmala 35 - 201, riga, latvia.
Ronnie lipschutz, 213 dickens way, santa cruz, united states of america.
Rosebery, , , .
Rosebery, 40 rosebery avenue, bristol, united kingdom.
Rosebery, , , .
Rotorrr, , barcelona, spain.
Rouillard, 4 rue laussat, pau, france.
Royal college of surgeons in ireland, 123 st stephens street green, dublin, ireland.
Royal melbourne institute of technology, gpo box 2476v , melbourne, australia.
Royal veterinairy and agricultural university, bülowsvej 17, frederiksberg, denmark.
Runcorn public library, egerton street, runcorn, united kingdom.
Ruskin school of drawing and fine art, 74 high street, oxford, united kingdom.
San francisco art institute, 800 chesnut street, san francisco, united states of america.
Sarai, 29 rajpur road, delhi, india.
Savannah college of art and design, 342 bull st., savannah, ga, united states of america.
School of arts, hamburg, germany, lerchenfeld 2, d-22081 hamburg, -, germany.
School of geography, politics and sociology, university of newcastle, 183 osbourne road, newcastle upon tyne, united kingdom.
School of the museum of fine arts, 230 the fenway, boston, united states of america.
Sebastian conti, beruti 3340 6-h, buenos aires, argentina.
Sencom, 8 rue de belgique, nice, france.
Shaurya thakar, 9450 gilman drive, san diego, united states of america.
Simon fraser university, simon fraser university, surrey, canada.
Siosnarf, kerttulinkuja 4c38, helsinki, finland.
Social impact, herrenstr 20, linz, autria.
South african museum, government avenue, cape town, south africa.
Southampton institute, east park terrace, southampton, united kingdom.
Space studios, 8 hoxton square, london, united kingdom. (weimar), -, weimar, germany.
St. olaf college, 1520 st. olaf ave, northfield, mn , north west territories, united states of america.
Staatliche akademie der bildenden künste stuttgart, am weissenhof 1, stuttgart, germany.
Stefanie hall, 4-136 sunnyside ave, toronto, canada.
Stoke on trent city council, civic centre, glebe street, stoke on trent, united kingdom.
Studio 32c, bristol, united kingdom.
Stuk, , leuven, belgium., 18 marienstrasse, weimar, germany.
Suffolk libraries direct, woodbridge, suffolk, united kingdom.
Susanne sauter, militärstrasse 76, zürich, switzerland.
Syreny tv, ul. staffa, szczecin, poland.
Talk and surf, lower gardiner street, dublin, ireland.
Tate, porthmeor beach, st ives, united kingdom.
Tate, albert dock, liverpool, united kingdom.
Tate, bankside, london, united kingdom.
Tate, millbank, london, united kingdom.
Te tuhi , po box 51 222 pakuranga, manukau city , new zealand aotearoa.
Technologies to the people, convento jerusalem 49 p5, valencia, spain.
Tel aviv university, p.o. box 39040, tel eviv, israel.
Temp, , , .
Temp, , , .
Territoire de belfort, , territoire de belfort, france.
Test, test, test, test.
Test, , , .
Test, , , .
Thames valley university, grove house, 1 the grove, ealing, london, united kingdom.
The aix-marseille institute for advanced study, 2 place le verrier, marseille, france.
The bbc, , , united kingdom.
The chapin school , 100 east end avenue , new york, united states of america.
The j paul getty trust, 1200 getty center drive, los angeles, united states of america.
The new museum of contemporary art, 583 broadway, new york, united states of america.
The nottingham trent university, burton street , nottingham, -.
The ohio state university, enarson hall 154 w 12th avenue, columbus, united states of america.
The school of television and imaging, perth road, dundee, scotland.
The thing, 601 w 26, new york, united states of america.
The wounded image lab, 38 fifth avenue, london, united kingdom.
Theater oberhausen , will-quadflieg platz , oberhausen, germany.
Tikharbishine, 64,rue aissa l'aalam el mouradia, alger, algeria.
Toby, 161 mable ave., winnipeg, canada.
Toby, 30 montrose avenue, london, united kingdon.
Tourist information center, nam republiky 41, plzen, czech republic.
Trans telecom, 129 maria luiza street, sofia, bulgaria.
Transmediale, -, berlin, germany.
Transmediale, klosterstr. 68-70, berlin, germany.
Trinity college dublin, -, dublin, ireland.
Ttu school of art, box 42081 lubbock, texas, texas, united states of america.
Ubermorgen, hollandstrasse 7/19, vienna, austria.
Unibibliothek hildesheim, marienbruger platz 4, hildesheim, deutschland .
Universidad autónoma de querétaro, cerro de las campanas s/n colonia centro, querétaro, méxico.
Universidade de lisboa, 2450, 2000, portugal.
Universidade federal do rio grande do sul, av. paulo gama, 110 , porto alegre, brasil.
Universitat oberta de catalunya, cabañera real 9, huesca, spain.
Universite joseph fourier, -, grenoble, france.
Universiteit van amsterdam, binnengasthuisstraat 9 , amsterdam, the netherlands.
University of arizona, -, tucson, united states of america.
University of basel, klingelbergstrasse 70, basel, switzerland.
University of bern, hochschulstrasse 4, bern, switzerland.
University of british columbia, 6333 memorial road, vancouver, canada.
University of california berkeley, , berkeley, united states of america.
University of california san diego, 9500 gilman drive, san diego, united states of america.
University of california santa barbara, -, santa barbara, -.
University of columbia in new york, 2960 broadway, new york, united states of america.
University of east anglia, -, norwich, united kingdom.
University of east london, -, london, united kingdom.
University of essex, wivenhoe park, colchester, colchester, united kingdom.
University of flensburg, am campus 1, flensburg, germany.
University of kansas, 209 spenecr museum of art, lawrence, united states of america.
University of leeds, -, leeds, united kingdom.
University of lincoln, -, hull, united kingdom.
University of michigan, -, michigan, united states of america.
University of new south wales, -, sydney, australia.
University of north carolina asheville, one university heights, asheville, north carolina, united states of america.
University of pittsburgh, -, pittsburgh, united states of america.
University of plymouth, drake circus, plymouth, united kingdom.
University of rochesrter, -, rochester, united states of america.
University of saskatchewan, -, saskatoon, canada.
University of south australia, gpo box 2471, adelaide, australia.
University of south florida, 4202 e. fowler avenue, tampa, united states of america.
University of sydney, university computing centre h08, sydney, australia.
University of texas at austin, -, austin, united states of america.
University of ulster, -, -, united kingdom.
University of vallencia, -, vallencia, spain.
University of washington, box 355852, seattle, united states of america.
University of westminster, , london, united kingdom.
University toulouse, place anotole france, toulouse, france.
Universität potsdam, am neuen palais 10, potsdam, germany.
Université de strasbourg, 1 place de l'université, strasbourg, france.
Unj, staatliche hochschule für bildende künste - städelschule, dürerstrasse 10, , frankfurt am main, germany.
Utrecht university, p.o box 80125, utrecht, the netherlands.
Vivid, 140 heath mill lane, birmingham, united kingdom.
Walker art centre, 725 vineland place, minneapolis, united states of america.
Warwickshire county council, shire hall, warwick, united kingdom.
Watershed media centre, 1 canon's road, harbourside, bristol, united kingdom.
Weekendavisen, pilestræde 34, copenhagen, denmark.
Weimar university, 11 bauhaus strasse, weimar, germany.
Widness public library, victoria square, widnes, united kingdom.
Williams college , -, williamstown, united states of america.
Windsor university visual arts, 401 sunset , university, canada.
Women's electronic village hall, 23v new mount street, manchester, united kingdom.
Yolanda segura, camino de vera s/n, valencia, spain.
Z33, zuivelmarkt 33, hasselt, belgium.
Zurich university of the arts , ausstellungsstrasse 60, zürich, switzerland.

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