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Technical drawings


Krnjaca Camp






Spectrometer box
10.11 2020, Belgrade
First prototype chassis for spectrometer. Thanks to the kind support at Eco Plastics.

Tandem Western Balkans meeting no. 2
20.02 2020, Skopje
Another project we are participating in together we two other partners INKA from Struga - N. Macedonia and Off The Grid from Novi Pazar - Serbia. Here...

Value of art in social fabric, meeting no. 4
05.02 2020, Ghent
Developing strategies and methodologies to question value of art and relations between artists, funders and the community.

02.02 2020, Graz
Exercise that shifts the communication beyond obvious...people are using wooden branches to make the sound / rhythmical messages gently moving the fin...

Examining space in the Marienplatz
02.02 2020, Graz
Preparations for the exhibition that will happen in the beginig of May organized by rotor Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst.

Looking for the new workshop space - Adra
19.11 2019, Adra, Borca
Another place we visited is a day refugee center Adra, run by adventist charity organization Adra. It is one of the rare places where a day activities...

Looking for the new workshop space
18.11 2019, Trudbenik
One of the options for the new workshop space came to be housing blocks where former workers of Trudbenik factory are resisting as factory went bankru...

Symposium on Circular Economy
06.11 2019, Government of Serbia
Somehow we found ourselves on the plenary discussion of the Ministry of Energetics on introducing Circular Econoimy standards in Serbia... All is on l...

Konkurs za idejno rešenje dizajna proizvoda od reciklažne plastike
24.12 2018, Beograd

Izazov u 3E dizajnu (3E=Ekologija+Ekonomija+Etika)
Minipogon / 24.12.2018. – 01.03.2019.

Poziv je upućen mladim dizajnerim...

Assigned Space in Krnjaca Camp
11.10 2018, Krnjaca - refugee camp
Today we visited Krnjaca camp to check the space that was assigned to us for installing our machines. The room is spacious and full of light. Only ...

Visiting WUK metal workshop space in Vienna
29.08 2018, WUK, Vienna
We have visited WUK metal workshop today, meeting great people and partners there and making a deals about using the space during our work in Vi...

Defragmenting the CNC machine
26.08 2018, MZ Baltazar, Vienna
We have fixed the CNC machine in MZ Baltazar that was broken and defragment it for a transportation to Macondo in Vienna.

MZ Baltazar meeting after setting up CNC machine
26.08 2018, MZ Baltazar, Vienna
Making the contact with the great people (Lale and Stefanie) from MZ Baltazar and making a deal to fix CNC machine and maybe use it for our work...

Setting up a CNC
24.08 2018, MZ*Baltazar's Laboratory, Vienna
Chow is setting up the CNC machine to operate opensource with arduino. The idea is to use it for the Macondo festival, and also see if it could be ...

Transportation day - Belgrade to Vienna
23.08 2018, Horgoš, Hungary
Custum border control at Hungarian border. Machines are checking...

Vaiting on the border for machine check
23.08 2018, Horgoš, Hungary
Resting on the border after a hard working day in Praxa Makerspace while waiting at the EU border...

Visiting the refugee camp in Kikinda
07.08 2018, Kikinda, Serbia
Today we have visited refugee camp in Kikinda which is located in Vojvodina, two and a half hour driving from Belgrade. The camp is completely i...

Visiting the refugee camp in Kikinda
07.08 2018, Kikinda, Serbia
We discussed a possibility of organizing at least some part of workshops in Kikinda refugee camp. The camp is inhabited mostly by families who ...

Visiting refugee camp in Krnjača
02.08 2018, Refugee Camp Krnjača
From September we will start to work in one of the refugee camps near Belgrade. For this we are organising visits to 3 camps - Krnjača, Obren...

meeting with comessariat
20.12 2017, Comessariat, Gavrila Principa
We had meeting with Commissariat for refugees discussing for a long time details of our project and possibilities for collaboration. Coordinator N...