DTOUR///////////////////////////SPAGETTII JUNCTION///////////////////////////RUOTD

Dtour = 01

Location = Spagettii junction, Junction 6 of M6 Motorway, Brimingham

Date = 9 / 1 / 07

Kit = food supplies and water

Conditions = fair to middling

Participants = Heath Bunting, Kayle Brandon , Steve Crozier, Si Griffis, phil cummins, Katerina Bimplia

Links =

Dtour provides excellent routes for alternative travel
creating routes that employ urban stuctures components and parts, over stateing the art of getting from a to b.

aerial view

up / down / balance billboard / wall / rail transtion grey wall shuffle
iron bridge balance attention to details : common mallow, edible concrete brick bank traverse
use of tools for access toys and intervention rail to tree