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Friday 18th November 1994 12 noon -12 midnight GMT

I was thinking the other day - remembering when i was at school.
I had to wear a school uniform. When people got rebelious
we had a debate, which was always the same.
The powerful always set the areas of discussion.
Whether school uniform was good or bad
in terms of hiding wealth differences between pupils.
The real reason for uniform - dicipline -
was never allowed to develop into a full discusion

We have the same situation with the radio spectrum in this country U.K.
When ever regulation is discussed we get the
arguement of scarce frequencies,
therefore the kind government must help organise this situation.
Just like the school example, the debate has been sidetracked by the most powerful.
It is not a question of technicality, but of control.
Listeners are the all important factor.
The government initially had a monopoly over transmissions
but found that it was losing its grip - it had to allow other transmissions.
To compensate for this loss of control, it demanded money.
This is why we have pirates and always will,
the government can not claw back any benefit
from this loss of control and
reacts with brute force

We now have the possible same situation about to develop on the internet.
It has always been assumed, by ideadlists,
that cyberspace is infinite and thus offers freedom.
This is not the case.
The boundaries of cyberspace will only expand to as far as people can see.
Given a finite amount of eyes, cyberspace can only be finite.
Thus scarce and desired even more so by the powerful, seeking control

cybercafe FM

Please send programs to be broadcast without censorship in a city in the uk.
These can be :

1. cassette tapes sent to 1a monmouth street, london wc2h9da, uk
2. email, sent to heath@cybercafe.org, which will be converted into speach by computer
3. dial direct on 44 374 823 840 on the day for live chat
4. leave voice messages on cybercafe voice mail on 44 171 209 3093 before the event

i will write a report as usual stating that:

1. the forces of darkness descended like a burning meteorite
2. I was offered a job on BBC radio 4
3. listeners of the broadcasts were turned to stone
4. something else

Please feel free to experiment wildly but calmly

Respect to all pirates