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"here we sits like birds in the wilderness"

7:30 pm GMT - 8:30 pm GMT Friday 25th November


This work sets out to show that arts administration is a working model of chaos theory. All administrative systems operate efficiently in a state of stability and order - or so we are told. However there are unknowns around every corner and these have a profound effect on the workings of a day. Indeed it could be argued that in art this spontaneity is essential in order to nuture change and development (not to mention a bit of anarchy)

Two performers, myself (Ken Lush) and Tim Ingram begin in an ordered environment. As the show progresses we reduce that order into a place of both physical and mental chaos, culminating in a fax command sequence with instructions that we have to respond to on stage having had no prior knowledge of what those commands might be. I like the idea that commands initiated a long way away can have an effect on something happening in Uley. The sequence lasts about 6 minutes and will take place about 8.45pm. By that time the stage will be covered in screwed up pieces of paper and salt. There is an exercise bike on stage as well as a live musician and a computer which has been trying to calculate the value of Pi through out the show

When the comands are read out to us Tim and I will have to respond to them. The amount of time we spend on each command will depend on how many faxes we get. The person reading out the commands will blow a whistle when it's time to move onto the next one. They can be what you like really - involving both speach and physical response

Ken Lush

Prima Arts Centre. Uley, Near Dursley, Gloucester, United Kingdom
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