tour de fence, bristol 2002

push fence to mount tree railwalk backwards; streetwalk away railwalk, backwards step & dismount wall climb with sign suspension road sign embrace on to stone wall route approach contemplate launch move for verticals: pole & trunk light pole toe & hand grip bare & shoed foot-to-rail maneuver rail techniques: straddle, rest, balance rail kneehang with hand grip railhang stage 1 & stage 2 uphill sloth technique rail hand grip & sloth movement wall ascent via pole queue, with porn single file wallwalk, uphill stretched wire cling grid fence promenade approach mosaic surface squad maneuver house of fraser spike fence straight leg lever. in development arch preparatory stance fence summit and support guard stance for cave entrance cave exit with foot first emerge & waiting stance wooden fence action & thought tree to air Introduction text.

survey of techniques & approaches engaged. please click on an image for further instruction