Avon Canoe Ferry Jetty.

Between New Quarry, Avon Gorge and Quarry 3 Leigh Woods.

Whether you are a raver or a camper, the River Avon downstream
from the suspension bridge is a formidable barrier.
Occassional, ferry services have been offered for a low fee to
stranded revellers.

A hazel jetty has been constructed and staked to the mud bank
to lengthen the operating time of the canoe ferry.

This jetty is currently usable from 01:30 before to 01:30
after high water.

How to make a mud bridging hazel jetty.

Cut 30 hazel rods, each 120cm long.

hazel jetty06

Form into matt/ ladder using tri-twisted rope.

hazel jetty07 hazel jetty08 hazel jetty09 hazel jetty10

Roll up and transport.

hazel jetty11

Roll down mud and stake.

hazel jetty12 hazel jetty13

Do not stake too tightly to enable it to float away from mud
when submersed.

hazel jetty14 hazel jetty15

Thinking about building a causeway...

Heath Bunting.