border borderXing guide. ing guide.

BorderXing between France (l'Hospitalet Pres l'Andorre) and Andorra (Soldeu).

Wednesday 7th/ Thursday 8th /Friday 9th August 2002.

Grading: 6

Type: green border

Intent: To start at l'Hospitalet Pres l'Andorre and cross border to Soldeu.

Equipment taken:
Day 1.

15:00 Left l'Hospitalet.

hospitalet heath

hospitalet kayle


day bridge kayle

day berries kayle

day lizard

day heath kayle

17:00 Arrived Jasse del Forn and had lunch.

day kayle

day kayle

19:30 Arrived Etang du Siscar.

day refuge kayle

day tent heath

Day 2.

9:30 Left Etang du Siscar.

day tent kayle

10:45 Arrived Etang de Pedourres and ate lunch.

day lake kayle

day lake kayle

day burner heath

day lake kayle

day lake heath

day salamander

day lake kayle

14:00 Crossed border.

day border kayle

day border kayle

15:00 Arrived Estany Segon in heavy rain and made camp.

Day 3.

10:30 Left Estany Segon.

day kayle

day kayle

12:45 Arrived Camp Incles.

day heath kayle

13:15 Arrived on main road near Soldeu.

day heath kayle

Weather is large factor in difficulty of mountain crossings.

Borderxing is sometimes beautiful, sometimes not.