border borderXing guide. ing guide.

BorderXing between Austria (Reindlau) and Germany (Garmisch).

Monday/ Teusday 29th/ 30th July 2002.

Grading: 6

Type: green border

Intent: To start at Reindlau and cross border to Garmisch.

Equipment taken:
Day 1.

12:50 Left Reindlau.

reindlau heath kayle

reindlau spring heath

reindlau spring kayle

15:00 Ate lunch at Schonberg.

stauden lunch heath kayle

15:50 Munsterstein Hutte.

munsterstein hutte kayle

torlspitzen kayle

meilerhutte kayle

17:00 Arrived Meiler Hutte.

Day 2.

8:10 Left Meiler Hutte.

meilerhutte heath

meilerhutte kayle

meilerhutte heath

meilerhutte heath

meilerhutte kayle

9:45 Schachenhaus.

schachenhaus heath

schachenhaus kayle

schachenhaus kayle

schachensee fishCaught some fish in the lake.

schachenweg heath

schrofen heath

schrofen heathCooked some porridge.

schrofen kayle

17:15 Arrived Garmisch.

garmisch heath

Hut cost 11 euro per night.

Meal was around 7 euros.

Bedding was provided.

Staying in huts can reduce equipment required for journey.