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BorderXing between Austria (Feldkirch) and Lichtenstein (Schellenberg).

Sunday 28 October 2001.

Images to follow shortly.

Grading: 5
To start at Feldkirch and cross border to Schellenberg.

Equipment recomended:
I arrived at Feldkirch station from Graz just as the sun was setting allowing me a good look at the ridge before it got totally dark.

I walked through the town by road until I arrived at the base of the ridge.

Here I climbed directly up the ridge, not using any paths and crossing any encountered paths directly at right angles, after checking no one was around.

I moved slowly listening for any sounds as I had been told that this border was patrolled by guards with dogs.

Once on top of the ridge I cross the border and descended down the other side of the ridge as quickly as possible, avoiding paths and using all available natural cover.

I crossed some cow fields to finally arrive in Schellenberg.

I used my torch a few times to look at the map, but not for seeing where is was going.

Journey time: 2 hours.

Read a manual on how to track or avoid being tracked.

I did not pay attention to wind direction for hiding scent, which was a mistake.

Be careful of electrical fences used for containment of cattle.