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BorderXing between Belgium (Gemmenich) and Germany (Aachen).

Tuesday 9th April 2002.

Grading: 5
To reach Belgium/ German border at Gemmenich and cross to Aachen
using frieght train tunnel.

Equipment taken:
Walked from Gemmenich village east to tunnel entrance (approx 2km).

Observed trains at 11:15, 11:20, 11:28 on non electrified track.

Appears to be used only for frieght.

Alot of diesel fumes and noise when train passed tunnel.

Very little clearance when train passes.
Would be extremely dangerous if not in refuge when
train passes.

Noted that tunnel becomes clear of fumes after 5 minutes
on breezy day.

11:42 entered tunnel.

Noted refuges every 30m.
Counted paces to know when next refuge would be.

Tunnel is 750 meters long.

Used torch to illuminate floor for safe footing.

12:00 exited tunnel.

Noted more trains at 12:00, 12:08, 12:16, 12:26.

Walked to Aachen.

Passing an active rail tunnel on foot requires careful
observation of traffic for safe passage.