border borderXing guide. ing guide.

BorderXing between Germany (Rehau) and Czech Republic (As/Asch).

Wednesday 17th July 2002.

Grading: 4

Type: green border

Intent: To start at Rehau and cross border to As/Asch.

Equipment taken:
Purchased maps in Weimar and travelled by train to Rehau.


14:00 Arrived Rehau.

rehau heath

14:20 Entered Rehauer Forst.

rehauer forst heath

rehauer forst heath

Made diversion to look at border zone.

german border post

german border post heath

border zone

patrol hut

16:00 Arrived Reuth.

reuth bus stop

Looked at foothpath crossing border.
Farmer was watching me so took pictures and returned to road.

reuth crossing barrier

Walked along road following cycle route 'O'.

Found another patrol hut with dog kennel.
Looks a bit unused.

patrol hut

inside patrol hut

16:30 Crossed border through woods.

german border sign

border heath

czech border sign

Track on Czech side is newly made tarmac. I suspect that this
is patrolled.

czech border post

naturpark heath

17:15 Arrived Pastviny.

pastviny heath

pastviny bus stop

naturpark eating heath

18:30 Arrived Podhradi.

There is a railway station here that looks derelict.
This is where I had planned to end journey, but there was no
chance of catching train, so i walked to As/Asch.

I later found that this line is active and trains are every couple of hours.

20:00 Arrived As/Asch.

asch sign

Make you start and finishing points unpredictable.
ie not nearest large town to nearest large town.

Avoid lines of drift (roads, railway, paths) and
plan routes tangentially to them.

Obtain local currency before entering country.

Assume lines of drift (road, railway) are patrolled
either by uniformed of plain clothed security.

Do not travel on lines of drift that cross border.

Do not hitch hike near border.

Recomend waterproof socks if using sandals in
undergrowth to avoid ticks.

Bad weather provides better cover.

Donbt run if seem, as you will probably be shot.