border borderXing guide. ing guide.

BorderXing between Germany (Harrislee) and Denmark (Padborg).

Friday 21 February 2003.

Grading: 3

Type: blue border

Intent: To start at Harrislee and cross border to Padborg.

Equipment taken:
harrislee bus stop kayle brandon

13:00 Left Harrislee.

road heath bunting kayle brandon

frozen robin

erratic border post grentz punk border post 2 km away from border.


snow drops

kayle brandon jetty lake ice walking testing the ice.

heath bunting kayle brandon lake ice walking

kayle brandon lake ice walking

air_bubbles under ice

kayle brandon lake ice walking using tree to cross melted ice.

border patrol sign customs customs patrol area.

kayle brandon border path

15:20 Arrived Padborg.

kayle brandon padborg bahnhof

kayle brandon heath bunting cafe bahnhof cafe

Don't sit on barbed wire in cold weather.

Use trees to bridge thin ice around edges of lakes.

Take a stick to rescue friends fallen through ice.

Its worth reading this before you cross ice.