border borderXing guide. ing guide.

BorderXing between Andorra (Juberri) and Spain (Arcavell).

Monday 12 August 2002.

Grading: 2

Type: green border

Intent: To start at Juberri and cross border to Arcavell.

Equipment taken:
mulberry bush kayle brandon

mulberry kayle brandon

18:00 Left Juberri.

juberri kayle brandon heath bunting

border path heath bunting kayle brandon

border path heath bunting

border path arcavell view

border path kayle brandon

border stream kayle brandon the border runs along a stream.

border stream kayle brandon

border path kayle brandon

19:00 Arrived Arcavell.

arcavell heath bunting

arcavell kayle brandon

arcavell heath bunting kayle brandon

Keep an eye out for the Mulberry tree.

This crossing can be done in almost no equipment.

Border is patrolled by police looking for smugglers.