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BorderXing between Switzerland (Basel) and France (St Louis).

Wednesday 24 October 2001.

Grading: 2
To reach Swiss/ French border at Aschwill and cross to Hegenheim.

Equipment advised:
We started at Barfusserplatz in central Basel and caught the number six tram to Allschwil.

From here we caught a bus in the direction of Schoenenbuch for two stops.

We then headed north to the border, which was marked by a stone and a stop sign.

We crossed the border, entered the woods

and walked to Hegenheim.


From here we caught the bus to St Louis.

Journey time of two hours.

If you were travelling by train from Switerland to France,
then leaving the train at Basel, walking over the border
and rejoining the train in St Louis this would only add
approximately 2 hours to your journey.