border borderXing guide. ing guide.

BorderXing between Italy (Pigna) and France (Soarge).

Sunday 19th May 2002.

Grading: 5
To reach Italian/ French border near Pigna and cross Muratone Pass on foot.

Equipment taken:
10:00 left Pigna.

We crossed several streams refilling our water bottles.

15:30 Reached Muratone Pass.

On the French side down the hill we found some old military tunnels.

Looking back at Muratone Pass.

The valley on the French side was much wetter and was the home to
very different types of plants and animals to the Italian side.

19:30 Chapel St Anna.

Looking back at Muratone Pass.

20:15 Soarge.

Spring and Autumn crossing recommended.

Route has been used by refugees before successfully.

Take enough food for 10 hour walk.