In the Field: Artist workshops and technical support.

Fire bow drill.
fire bow drill

Cooking heath bunting.
cooking heath bunting

Rock shelter.
rock shelter,

Tree house.
tree house

Mobile phone survival.

Dear Arts Educator,

I am writing to offer tutorial and technical support to BA and MA 
students in the form of "Artist's Resilience" workshops.

I have worked as an artist for over 30 years, lecturing and exhibiting 

My career as an artist was born during 1980's Conservative austerity. To 
produce Art true to my intentions, I have produced work almost entirely 
without institutional funding and support. My life's work would not have 
been possible unless I had gained extensive knowledge in living and 
working outdoors, surviving on bare minimum either to complete tasks or 
get somewhere important.

Whether it be challenging the status quo, building my own tools or 
finding a meal, I have had to survive the brutality of what is, an 
honest artist's life.

Eight years ago I met with UK security services who informed me that 
artists were now considered their primary adversaries.

So with this in mind, for the last 7 years I have been training artists 
in resilience training to enable them to continue to tell their truths.

For this academic year I am offering a variety of Artist Resilience 
workshops. The content of these workshops will change seasonally and are 
reliant on full engagement from the participating students.

For this Autumn term I am offering "Level 1: In the Field" workshop. 
This is an introductory workshop which begins by supporting students 
when working outdoors.
Artists who wish to work outside will benefit from training to help 
realize their project ambitions. We, as a group/or number of small 
groups, would occupy out door spaces, conduct research and gather 
resources. We will cover some fundamental outdoor skills such as 
clothing and equipment, bush craft and urban survival skills. These 
actions will provide a backdrop for discussing the subversive, 
autonomous and collective aspects of practicing the arts, in the context 
of "Artist Resilience".

The students will find this process of breaking-out of the studio to be 
immensely productive for their artistic development.

Examples of current and previous host organizations include Goldsmiths 
College, Arnhem college of art, Darmstadt school of architecture, 
Braunschwieg school of architecture, Bremen school of art, Zurich school 
of art, Toronto school of art, Saltzburg school of art, Berlin school of 
art and the University of the West of England.

If you feel that some or all of your students would benefit from this 
kind of support, please send your inquiries to and we can tailor my involvement with your 

Thank you for taking the time to read this email.


Heath Bunting.