Stone age hunting.

The War on Terrorism is lost (some think intentionally) and
the United Kingdom is economically, politically and morally bankrupt.

This combined with the majority extinction of man due to
exhaustion of carbon fuels and the ingress of permanent
mass extinction of most species caused by man made global
warming, life as we have come to see as normal is about to

In preparation for the rapid return to the stone age, learn
some survival skills!

Try to avoid killing fellow urban citizens and concentrate
on outlaws living in the wilds in an attempt to prolong law
and order.

Practice your skills on other species for the inevitable
situation where humans hunt other humans for both food and

Most importantly, learn patience to be a good hunter.

Stone throwing training.

Use your basic environment as a weapon.

Throw stones in a sequence of three.

Three throwing stones.

Adjust aim each throw to counter effects of
inaccuracy, wind and or non perpendicular gravity on slopes.

Get a good footing and stance.

Keep your eye and mind on the target throughout, from sighting to stone impact.

Practise in good light.

Practise every day using small targets for larger ambition.

Use same weight roundish stones.

Granite railway ballast is good and heavy.

Granite railway ballast stones.

Put spin on the stone with index finger when thrown to keep flight path straight.

Throw at targets well within your range.

Throwing stone grip.

Stop when you hit the target to end on a positive outcome and to avoid learning bad technique.

James Kennard throwing stance.

Do not wear rucksack when throwing - keep your movement free.

It seems there are two types of throw: throw and observe results, or know and hit. 
We do not understand their differences yet.
Stone throwing competition 2008.

Stone throwing competition 2010.

Slingshot building

Learn to make and use high tech weapons like a slingshot.


build notes: cut from hazel tree use manufactured rubber sling make sure extended sling is no longer than distance between outstretched arm and chin replace rubber sling regularly for more power and accuracy with wire mesh for sighting use steel ball bearings or very round stones as ammo. practice every day to develop strength for steady aim and smoot release.

Hunting squirrels.

Best attacked when eating (flowers and shoots in spring/ nuts in autumn) or mating.

Walk through woods or park slowly and silently on tracks free from leaves and sticks, listening for squirrels.
They are noisy when on dead fallen leaves or eating nuts or shoots in trees.

They also give themselves away by dropping food whilst eating. Look for falling debris.

If you spot one, stand still and observe. Do not appear like a predator, do not stare or crouch.

If it runs pursue it quickly and take shots.

If it stops, wait until it relaxes again, then wait for a good head shot.

If its high in the tree canopy, then climb the tree. Once in the tree they will treat you like another 
squirrel and may even challenge you by barking, but mostly they ignore you if you are not too noisy. 
Get close for a good shot. Remember you are in a tree ! Don't fall out.

Take regular beaks for rests while hunting. Its tiring holding your breath or mind for long periods.

Interesting how the closer you get to killing, the more you value life.

The idea of buying or consuming meat daily now seems repellent.

Hunting ducks.

Ambush lone moving, sleeping, eating or mating ducks.

Best to observe direction of moving ducks along bank side,
then hide ahead in gulley or behind rock
and shoot first passing duck.

Disable with a head or wing shot from a slingshot.

Hunting wood pigeons.

Best attacked when eating or mating.

Create hides near regular roosts or sneak up using line of sight obstructions
such as branches and bushes to hide yourself.



Squirrel hunting.

Heath Bunting.