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22nd September 2000



Dear Heath Bunting,

It is with pleasure that I write to you to announce our decision to grant you unlimited free travel on First Great Western rail network.

This offer has no time limit and is made as a sign of our appreciation of your activities.

Due to public sensitivity concerning special discount arrangements for preferred First Great Western customers we request that you to be discreet about this offer.

You should also be aware that not all the First Great Western train staff have been informed of these arrangements, so I will now go into detail with how to deal with potential situations with junior members of staff.

Let me use an example to suggest how you should approach this.

For instance, if you were to travel from Bristol to London I would suggest you start first at Bristol Templemeads and catch a long distance Virgin train to Bristol Parkway. Virgin trains are also aware and supportive of our offer to you and have made special arrangements not to request tickets between Bristol Templemeads and Bristol Parkway. We do not have this arrangement for short distance trains.

In the unlikely event of seeing a ticket collector in action just move down the train as if going to the toilet or buffet car Don't worry, Bristol Parkway is only a few minutes away.

Once you arrive at Bristol Parkway just wait for the next First Great Western train from Cardiff bound for London Paddington.

As Parkway is a windy cold station I would recommend you put on an outer layer, especially a hat.

When the train arrives board the train making careful note of where the First Great Western ticket collector is located and enter some distance away.

You now have to appear as if you have been on the train for sometime. First remove your outer layer thus changing your appearance in case the ticket collector noticed you boarding.

Next find a good seat, one by the window is best.

Disguise elements such as seat back table down, snack rubbish strewn around, reservation ticket on the back of your seat, a stranger between you and the aisle and appearing to be asleep will aid the impression that you boarded a while back and have already had your ticket inspected.

Now when the ticket collector comes through and asks for tickets from Bristol Parkway just do nothing and they will pass you by.

In the strange event of them asking for a ticket just buy one and even pay the penalty fare if requested. Our staff have been instructed not to impose fines on customers that smile politely.

When you finish your journey just contact me at the above address and I will refund you the full price of your ticket.

On arrival at Paddington you may be greeted by First Great Western ticket collectors at the exits from the platforms, in which case just stand on the platform as if a happy train spotter. They will depart after all the other passengers have passed through the checks. You will then free to walk through without interruption.

If required we can arrange for you to have unlimited free travel on london underground, but you must give us some notice to set this up.

Finally, I suggest you have this letter on your person whilst travelling and produce it only if absolutely necessary to more senior members of staff in case of any gross misunderstandings.

Happy travels

Mike Carroll
Managing Director
First Great Western



Editor's notes: Great Western Trains Company Limited, a FirstGroup company, operates High Speed Trains between London Paddington and South Wales, the West of England and the Cotswolds.

For further information, please contact Elaine Wilde, Jo Smyth, or Cindy Russell, First Great Western Press Desk, on 01793 499499.


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