PLAYERS REPORTS - Elder Mother - Anthony lisanother

In collaboration with Moving Forest and furtherfield

3 keys is an experimental role-playing game, which explores how the forest could move using an assemblage of divination methodologies; chance, drift and enactment.


3 decks of divination cards, 1 list, white chalk, charcoal, string, tape. (Player can find other materials in situ)


Players pick one card from each deck. Deck 1: TREE _ defines character traits.
Deck 2: REALM_ defines environmental systems.
Deck 3: INSTRUCTION_ induces random encounter, meaningless meaning and purposeful purposeless-ness.

List 1: SLOGAN _ invokes resolve, conviction, obsession, discomfort, propaganda, ear-spam.

The decks and list suggest and define the players attributes, nature, habitual behaviours, relational traits, affiliations, reactions, aiding the player to shape a role, character or protagonist. The player notes the key attributes that stand out for them. The Game Masters position the players around the Furtherfield headquarters.

The Player decides what their Castle is/represents.

The Castle can be any social, spatial or political system, place, person, or law which you regard as in a state of corruption, grotesque, inhumane, mutated by fear, polluted, degraded etc

The castle can be set to any scale. It could be a personal issue or megalithic system. For instance; one might want to overthrow an overgrown personality trait or a bureaucratic infestation.

Once you have constructed the walls of the Castle the game is activated.

Now follow the direction the Games Masters have set for you.

Set your clock, you have 60 minutes to go towards the Castle. You can use any way of moving: bus, bike, walking, marching, running, car). Adjust mode of movement; speed, pause, sleep, stop, rest, stand.

Breach the Castle: attack, gnaw, persuade, seduce, dissemble, lay waste, cast shadow, induce doubt, revolt, infiltrate, blur boundaries, overthrow, lay siege, face off, protest, pray, cloak, play, cackle, rise above, ridicule, re-dimensionalise.

Use your tools and your limbs to mark, sign, and embed messages into the vertical and horizontal.

Dismantle usual modes of motion, unleash tree element, infiltrate the air with words, sounds, the slogan.

Once 60 minutes is up each player returns to Furtherfield.


Out of their experiences and role-play the players make short statements, prophecies, stories, characters, lists, proposals .