Banana Multiplier


Banana Multiplier
Supermarket bananas are always too green to eat immediately.
So why don't you trade 2 of your green bananas with 1 of our fully
ripen yellow banana? Go to see Banana Multiplier standing by the entrance
of a supermarket carrying plenty of beautiful yellow bananas!

Stand still, don't be so obvious while trying to trade bananas for example
looking around or shouting "Banana Trading!" otherwise you will get booted out!
Try to choose a supermarket facing a street, one with a car park isn't a brilliant
choice as it's their premises and there is more chance to get kicked out.
Ingredients: Banana Box
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Banana Multiplier Experiment
Banana Multiplier on the street

The true purpose of Banana Multiplier

The focus point is not successfully exchanging bananas but showing the presence of the futuristic image of the worker. 
We live in an age when we have almost used up all the resources stored by the activity of the ecosystem of the Earth 
over 100 million years. It is impossible to keep producing the same quality and quantity of products that we did in 
the past 50 years. We urgently need to invent new ways of creating and exchanging values with the minimum use of resources.
Through the job Banana Multiplier, you will have access to food without the wasteful effort of earning money.
Because you don't have to produce anything to get food!

Transcending the banana

There are roughly 6 steps in Banana ecology.
Bananas are grown, transported, stacked on the shop shelves, bought, stored and eaten. They always belong to 
someone/somewhere from farmers, couriers, supermarkets, customers, and finally to humans (eaten, in their stomachs).
Banana Multiplier intervenes in this process and emancipates bananas from humans, allowing them to 
demonstrate their full potential.
Banana Multiplier extends the lives of bananas by exchanging 2 green bananas with 1 yellow banana 
and throws him/herself into the extra time created.
In step 7, before bananas are normally eaten, Banana Multiplier allows bananas to act differently 
to something just peeled and bitten. Banana's colour, design, smell and its combination with a human 
becomes a medium for creating artistic transactions with people.
Banana Protocols

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