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Recruit Agency
for People Who Don't Want to Work

Inari Wishiki
Is earning money the easiest way to survive in this world? Is it true that you have
to live to work and work to earn money? Why does everything seem so expensive,
such as food, rent and travel? Can you not access those infrastructures without the
process of earning money?
          In the last ten years, there has been remarkable progress made in software
and digital technologies. This has contributed to the rapid domination of automation
which has made humans increasingly unnecessary in almost every aspect of life.
For example, a few good flight search engines have expelled a million travel agents.
However, the new use of human beings has not been established yet and so people
are still expected to be useful for society in the manner of the industrial era. This
ritual also remains in corporations: they have to pretend to be offering useful goods
and services for society, whereas the only thing they need is money. Yes, all we
need is money and with it, we can finally survive...
          Recruit Agency for People Who Don't Want to Work is an attempt to let people
engage in commerce while abandoning all the meaningless rituals of having to be
useful to earn money.
          Don't want to work just for money? Fed up with earning pennies per second?
Well then, take up our opportunities to instantly make a living!
          Through the jobs listed on our exclusive website, you can EAT, SHELTER,
SECURE RESOURCES and BE CONNECTED without the hassle of bustling
around for cash!