Asylum Burial Ground

2011 - ongoing


Drawing exchange

2005 - ongoing | Collaboration with Lady Lucy

Drawing Exchange is a social drawing programme. Creating situations where the amateur and the expert, the drawn and the drawer, the traditional drawing class and a night out down the pub, merge and lose their distinction. Drawing Exchange is not a drawing lesson and any member of the public regardless of drawing ability is weclomed to attend the only thing most welcomed enthusiasm and curiosity.


Graveyard Tours

2010 - ongoing | Collaboration with Lady Lucy


Bristol - Food for free

2003 - 2010 | Collaboration with Heath Bunting

Since 2004 we have been mapping the edible plant organisms that live within public realms of Bristol City UK. Plants that are rooted in private domains yet branch into public space are included in this survey. Potential planting sites are also investigated, with the aim to increase the life spectrum of the city. The map is not like an A to Z; it doesn't have road names. The map can be navigated by following the contours of the roads, the defining shapes of the city, the plant locations as points of reference.


Museum of Non Belonging


For Non Belongings


Cube Cola

2003 - Ongoing | Collaboration with Kate Rich

Standing on the hands of giants.

We are wildcrafting our own cola from an online, open source recipe. A process developed through home-lab experimentation, merging domestic and scientific methadology. Currently we sell cube cola online, in the form of concentrate kits and behind the Cube Bar and Cafe Kino of Bristol City.


The Hexists


Drift and divination.


International Tree Climbing Day


Every last sunday of March.
Till death do us part


Bison Sale


As a way to better know and acclimatise to the daily life of Winnipeg, street sales of Bison drawings are carried out.


Dads Cabs - Car9

2008 - 2009

CAR 9 is a mythical story, set in the interface between the urban city and the natural world. The story is a fantasy made out of the real conversations, observations and the personal experiences the artist went through during the residency period. A psycho-geographical interpretation of how the taxi business, the road and territory surrounding the rank are manifested.


Avon Canoe Pilot

2006 - 2007 | collaboration with Heath Bunting

Avon canoe pilot is a meditative sport-art project. It is only itself. Making no associations or allusions to things greater or more established than itself. It exists within the realms of sport/ adventure and exploration. All activities were performed in a beginners state of mind, which is aspired to by many, but is also highly provocative. Imagine buying a Canoe from e-bay, or some such greed infrastructure and then taking it, without experience, to the waters edge. Fear and courage combined with presence of mind, delicate physical touches working together to produce one, of many, first steps to something new.


Bristol Blue flag

2007 - ongoing | in collaboration with Heath Bunting and Birgit Binder

Living in a city can be wonderful if the river is clean and deeply depressing if dirty.

People that pollute rivers and lakes are criminals, but that's another story.

It is common mythology that immersion in The City of Bristol Docks (The Docks) will prove fatal. Analysis of regular Bristol City Council test results suggest that swimming in the docks is safe half of the year and blue flag equivalent at least once a year.



Tour De Fence

2002 - ongoing | collaboration heath Bunting, Kate Rich

Tour de fence acknowledges fence as metaphor for private property. fence as a supposedly temporary, often moblie barrier performing functions of inclusion and exclusin, entrapment and guided freedom, decoration, saftey, user boundary, protection from harzard, low control, visual screeming and user separation.

Fence is a permeable filter system defining permitted use and users. light, wind, insects, water, plants and sound pass unhindered while high order life forms such as humans, fish, cattle and cars are engaged.

Tour De fence invites hands and feet tours of city fences.


Walking Fire

Campanion Element


Daily News

2007 - ongoing | in collaboration with Heath Bunting

Launched in 2007. Daily News is a paper about the lives and loves of the non-human inhabitants of global cities. This is news from the animal kingdom; straight from the horse's mouth.

...We don't just hear these stories we relive them.

Distributed at: traffic lights, shopping centres, traffic jams, queues, waiting rooms. On billboards

Printed in : poster, paper and leaflet.


Dogs of Christiania


The Dogs of Christiania is an artist research into the lives and loves of the Christiania canine population. This is a work in progress that investigates how human law, society and habitation effects our interspecies relations.

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." 'Mahatma Gandhi' The project begins here.

Has Christiania's status as an experimental society been known to the dog population?

Are they 'freer' as a result?


Estate Shop

2006 - 2006

OPENING TIMES - 10-5pm | 2pm-5pm for Assistant

Coffee | Cola | Biscuits | Beer | Medicine | Tobacco SIPER manuals | Still life Props | Medals | Quote Jam | sweets


Dry Store

2005 - ongoing

Bothys and Hut networks are places were journeying people can rest for free. All tend to provide simple shelter from the elements, some are highly equipped, others are bare but can suffice. For things to work, active responsibility of the user is essential. The networks tend to keep abreast via creating association structures.

Akin to the Bothy, Hut networks of remote regions: DryStore is network of cashes along routes, meeting points and journeying paths: routes which are often defined by inaccessibility and minority activity. Dry Store tries to create resources accessible at all times and along relational routes. The resources provided will not necessarily be for purely practical needs.


Red Net

2003 - | collaboration with Heath Bunting

RED#NET is a multi-functional, permeable, portable surface that reroutes and reapplies public space. Constructing systems that support and restrict flow via the horizontal and vertical axis horizontal vertical
vertical horizontal


the Tuneling Project

2003-2004 | collaboration with Heath Bunting

Vigourous exploration of underground Bristol.


Botanical Guide to BorderXing

2003 - 2004 | collaboration with Heath Bunting

Extracts from The Botanical Guide to BorderXing is a pocket-sized aide, assiting all those who would like to become acquainted with wild plants and border crossing.

The guide can be used to identify plants, terrain and strategies across a broad range of crossing conditions. People border cross whether they are fleeing persecution or seeking change.


Sponsored Influenza Pandemic Evacuation Rehearsal (SIPER).

12-19 September 2005 | in collaboration with Heath Bunting

A summer camp for survivalists.

The next influenza pandemic is long over due and expected to kill at least 1 billion people worldwide in 12 months.

The survival of urban dwellers can be assisted by a 1 month evacuation to the country.

Evacuated yourself and chosen companions to a safe haven, avoiding population centres and transport, which would both be dysfunctional and dangerous during the real thing.

If alone, feel free to join the cube staff for refuge in the caves of Skye, living on a diet of snails and seaweed.


Nothing Can Suprise Us

29th April - 2nd May 2005|

Nista Nas Ne Moze Iznenaditi 'Nothing can surprise us'- city / country wide catastrophe exercises organised by ONO i DSZ (Opstenarodna odbrana i drustvena samozastita, translation: 'Nation wide defence and social self protection committee') for the military, police, health system, but also civilians (including children) in former Yugoslavia. note:(ne moze -- although it looks like two words is pronounced as one)

NCSU researches survival operative systems, and the pathos of training and preparing for real or fantastic catastrophic / disaster scenarios. NCSU spectrum of research stretches from the daily risk of falling over to the global risk of using fossil fuels.


Collective Manouvers

3rd to 5th October 2003 | In collaboration with Heath Bunting

"Achieving social and culture generation via movement."

For three days Bristol City was an Olympic arena for collaboration and competition.

Collective Manouvers was a congregation of local and international cultural collectives, exploring universal urban architecture and furniture.

We invited groups to present challenges and compete against each other for rewards. Challenges issued by teams utilised existing urban structures eg trees, walls, skips, lamposts. Teams were self assembling of one or more members.