Winnipeg - bison sale
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Portage place a busy shopping street, an absent minded dream.

Can buy cheap jewellery, can photocopy, can sit on planting schemes, can beg? Turn left. Can eat in canteen can sit by fountain, can go up escalator, can go in and out, can look, can steal, can flirt, can cross road. Walk forward into circular room. Look at the woman lopsided with shopping, look at the Aboriginal begging, look at the tattoo on her shoulder, look at the teenagers rage, look how the couple dangle hands brushing. Exit via stairway.

Sit in the sun, sit in the shade, sit in the canteen. Walk amongst strangers, all walking, don't run, don't point at that nose, or scream nor sob and ask for help, neither make sex at the concrete, can take ones clothes off and swap them with new ones, Don't smash anything. Stay left. Enjoy this place, enjoy its atmosphere, enjoy money. Look for signs you recognise. Turn left. Look for love, look for a mirror. Lock the door.

Think huge bison, huge bison blood. Bison blood pouring out of fountains, bison blood pouring down escalator, bison blood poured onto salads, babies drinking bottled bison blood, hair products made from pure bison blood, caked bison blood for trophy's. Ascend in lift. Think something else, think white sheen surfaces, white music, white teeth, pure plants. Think smart, think your the best thing here, think making it, think money. Right. Spend money, spend it all, spend your own, hers, his, ours and theirs, spend it all, all over again. Retrace your steps.