Dartington estate shop 2006



10-5pm to view products 2pm-5pm for Assistant


SIPER manuals
Still life Props

Feral trade coffee

5 per bag / 1 per cup

Feral Trade is developing protocols for trading goods over social networks. The use of the word 'feral' describes a process which is wilfully wild (as in pigeon) as opposed to romantically or nature-wild (wolf). The passage of goods can open up wormholes between diverse social settings, routes along which other information, techniques or individuals can potentially travel.

Shipping Report FER-1189 DISPATCHED: 14/05/06 DELIVERED: 15/05/06

7pm kate rich walked cube microplex to cafe mono on nine tree hill.
7.30pm kayle brandon travelled cafe mono to 40 rosebery avenue via red bicycle.
15/05/06 kayle travel led in car driven by Chani Morrison to Dartington college of Arts Totnes.



50p per glass with ice and lemon / 1.40 a 2ltr bottle

We are wildcrafting our own cola, derived from an online, open source recipe. Our process has developed through home-lab experimentation, merging domestic and scientific methodology. Additional support from chemist-educated mentors and flavour industry expertise.

Cube - Cola Propaganda

Series 01 has been produced for the Cube Cola publicity campaign and the fan base.

'Cube cola land' screen print
'Standing on the hands of giants'
'cube-cola land' A0 photocopies 5.00

CUBE- COLA EVENT _ Thursday 1st of June 2-5pm cola lab drop-in 3pm Tea and lab talk


Free to any dispersed plantation participant

Tobacco (Nicotiana spp., L.) refers to a genus of broad-leafed plants of the nightshade family indigenous to North and South America, or to the dried and cured leaves of such plants. Tobacco leaves are often smoked (see tobacco smoking) in the form of a cigar or cigarette, or in a smoking pipe, or in a water pipe or a hookah. Tobacco is also chewed, "dipped" (placed between the cheek and gum), and sniffed into the nose as finely powdered snuff.

The Tobacco plants are free to any dispersed plantation member. This can be anyone who has access to land that can be cultivated for one or more plants with an interest in tobacco industry. The aim is to engage in he process of tobacco production.

TOBACCO EVENT _ Wednesday 7th June 2pm


10 for production and product

A person can employ the shop assistant to produce enough nettle beer to intoxicate one person for 6 hours.

100 Stalks
12 litres / 2.5 gallons of water
1.5kg / 3lbs sugar
50g / 2oz cream of tarter
15g / 0.5oz yeast

Boil the nettles for 15 minutes, drain off, add the sugar and cream of tarter stir until dissolved. Take off heat and leave until tepid and then add yeast, stir until dissolved. Leave in the pan / bucket for four days, scoop off the scum, decant into bottles without disturbing the sediment.


Tincture 5 per bottle / tea 1.50 per cup

Ginkgo is used extensively in traditional Chinese medicine, in which it is used to rectify deficient kidney yin and deficient lung qi. Deficient kidney yin exhibits as insomnia, dry throat, back pains, tinnitus, while deficient lung qi manifests as allergies, asthma and general weakness. It has come into mainstream Western usage in recent times, mainly for its effect on the mind it can ease depression and boost the memory.

The ginkgo tree is a very hardy plant. An individual tree can live thousands of years, and there are many 1000-2000 year old plants in China. Archaeologists have found fossilised ginkgo trees dating back 200 million years, which shows that it survived through the ice age.

Ginkgo trees on Dartington estate:
Two next to the roundhouse
One next to the japanese sand garden
One the carpark entrance

The most effective and simplest way of taking ginkgo is as a tincture. To make a tincture, place 150g of dried ginkgo leaves or 400g of fresh ginkgo leaves in a jar and cover with 500ml of vodka. Cover and store in a dark place for 4 weeks, shaking the jar daily. After 4 weeks, strain the mixture, pressing all liquid from the ginkgo. Stored in a glass bottle, this will keep for up to a year. For those who wish to avoid consuming alcohol, ginkgo tea is very simple to make. Simply add 1 cup of boiling water to 1 teaspoon of dried ginkgo or 1 tablespoon of fresh ginkgo. Allow to stand for several minutes, then sweeten as desired. The disadvantage to taking ginkgo in tea form is that the required dosage is much higher 2-3 cups per day, rather than the 1-3 teaspoons of tincture. Alternatively, ginkgo capsules are available from health stores.


12 each by Lindsay Wright

Mining is the extraction of valuable minerals or other geological materials from the earth, usually (but not always) from an ore body, vein, or (coal) seam. Materials recovered by mining include bauxite, coal, diamonds, iron, precious metals, lead, limestone, nickel, phosphate, rock salt, tin,uranium, and molybdenum. Any material that cannot be grown from agricultural processes must be mined. Mining in a wider sense can also include extraction of petroleum, natural gas, and even water.


20p each Producer: Ben Meschko

Recent studies have suggested that cocoa or dark chocolate may possess certain beneficial effects on human health. Dark chocolate, with its high cocoa content, is a rich source of the flavonoids epicatechin and gallic acid, which are thought to possess cardioprotective properties. Cocoa possesses a significant antioxidant action, protecting against LDL oxidation, perhaps more than other polyphenol antioxidant rich foods and beverages. Some studies have also observed a modest reduction in blood pressure and flow mediated dilation after consuming approximately 100 g of dark chocolate daily.


Price to be haggled


written on wall
Bruno Latour



The next influenza pandemic is long over due and expected to kill at least 1 billion people worldwide in 12 months.

The survival of urban dwellers can be assisted by a 1 month evacuation to the country.

Evacuated yourself and chosen companions to a safe haven, avoiding population centres and transport, which would both be dysfunctional and dangerous during the real thing.



1.50 per jar