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Christiana is an autonomous community that started 34 years ago following the civil occupation of an unused military area of Copenhagen. In 1972 Christiania was termed a 'social experiment'. Christiania is associated with experimenting with forms of democracy and self-government; alternative architecture, sustainable environments and rebellion against the prevailing state system. Currently the Danish government have plans to 'normalise' Christiania.

The Dogs of Christiania is an artist research into the lives and loves of the Christiania canine population. This is a work in progress that investigates how human law, society and habitation effects our interspecies relations.

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." 'Mahatma Gandhi' The project begins here.

What effect has the ethical and social choices of the Christiania inhabitants had on its nonhuman inhabitants?

How has the development of a self-governing state within a closed state, effected the physical and social evolution of the canine community coexisting within?

Has Christiania.s status as an experimental society been known to the dog population?

Are they 'freer' as a result?

Where are wild, domesticated, feral and free states? This Inverse anthropological study and nature film will be coming to a cinema near you soonish.

Last updated 11/july/2008

Supported by CRIR and The Arts Council England.