Disputed Histories Vol.08:
in Romanian history textbooks

25.11.2019 / 1+1, Iasi, Romania


Great social and political turn which took place in the world by the end of the XX c. by dismantling of the socialist block and (re)establishing of capitalism as the dominant socio-economic order and ideology had brought to the attention of the professional and the general public not only the questionable revisions in interpreting earlier historical events, but also had drawn attention to the series of redefinitions and re-conceptualizations of the very basic terms used to explain social processes and related social relations (eg fascism, anti-fascism, communism, socialism, liberalism, capitalism, democracy, totalitarianism, etc.). In the currently dominant cultural, political and economic framework prevailing tendency became that interpretations of history gain a relatively unison character, which often becomes the only framework for interpretation of both day-political and historical events. Therefore official historic narratives found in elementary school text-books present the basic instrument not only for explaining how things have occurred in the past but for justifying the present political regime on power and securing its future continuation. For the reason of more in depth research and analysis of the aims and motivations of more recent and past revisions of official historic narratives in the school text-books a Disputed Histories Library has been initiated in the year 2007.

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Workshop is organised in the context of the project Disputed Histories