Umbrella Petticoat

Autumn is here and after hot long summer clouds begin to gather. On rainy and windy days that are coming, textile ecology and city deliver us a unique opportunity. The next time it pours, wait for it to calm down a bit, and walk out on the street fearless! It's a perfect moment for umbrella harvest ! We go out to harvest, armed with soissors or penknives in the raincoat. When we find a broken umbrella, we recover the fine material aterial from the metal frame. At this point we are interested in the waterproof hexagonal material*.

They could be transformed into sylish and waterproof umbrella petticoat skirts.

* Excerption from original text by Aviv Kruglanski

Berlin / September 2009
umbrella skirt berlin collection

Bristol / November 2009
umbrella petticoat bristol collection

Bristol / April 2010
umbrella skirt bristol collection

BEOGRAD / November 2010

paraguasparaque? / Al Trajin

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