@ tin lan


Cybercafe is please to anounce its own local area network,
which will cover farringdon ditch, London EC1.
This will last the duration of the exploding cinema event.
We will not be showing people the web or talking about veronica,
nor shall we be theorizing about the future of the internet.
In fact it will only have sound conference facilities,
due to the fact that it is constructed from bits of string and tin cans.
The main servers will be made of catering size cans

We are offering a dial in service,
call 0374 823 840 and i will stuff my cell
phone into the nearest tin can

Please feel free to bring along your own cans
to connect up to london's fastest growing network
(currently expanding at 5 baked beans, 2 chopped
carrots and 1 spagetti per hour)

saturday 27th august
55 turnmill street
London EC1 UK

2pm-2am TEL: 071 703 9764