border borderXing guide. ing guide.

BorderXing between Portugal (Mina de Sao Domingos) and Spain (Paymogo).

Monday 25 June 2007.

Grading: 4

Type: blue border


To cross the Rio Chanca from Portgual to Spain.

Equipment taken:
Vahida and i left Mina de Sao Domingos at 10:45 after researching the route
and buying food.

mina de sao domingos01
Mina de sao domingos
Image by: heath bunting.

mina de sao domingos02
Mina de sao domingos
Image: vahida ramujkic.

We followed a track as directed by local guy. He had obviously not been
along it for many years as after 3km it was cut across by a high deer
fence. We climbed this instead of the standard method of cutting
through, as we were still warming up.

local guide01
Local guide
Image: vahida ramujkic.

vahida ramujkic dear enclosure01
Vahida ramujkic dear enclosure
Image by: heath bunting.

After 2 km more we came to the river and had a small break.

heath bunting rio chanca01
Heath bunting rio chanca
Image by: heath bunting.

We then packed our stuff into dry bags and swam across, taking lunch on
the other side.

heath bunting rio chanca02
Heath bunting rio chanca
Image: vahida ramujkic.

vahida ramujkic rio chanca06
Vahida ramujkic rio chanca
Image by: heath bunting.

Now in the swing of things, we cut through a fence into Spain and
headed NE across private land.

vahida ramujkic rio chanca03
Vahida ramujkic rio chanca
Image by: heath bunting.

On the way we encountered bulls bread for bull fighting, frogs, dear,
turtles and hares.

private property02
Private property
Image: vahida ramujkic.

Image by: heath bunting.

We cut most of the fences we encountered and kept a good eye out for

We arrived at Paymogo at 20:00 after hitching a lift the last 3 km.

In Paymogo village square we were questioned and asked for id.

vahida ramujkic paymogo square01
Vahida ramujkic paymogo square
Image by: heath bunting.

Also, we were required to provide id at Paymogo hotel.

Our average speed over rough ground 2.6 km/h.

When trespassing on private land do not walk on tracks, roads or paths.
Also, keep below skyline, but maintain height for overview of

Mostly, cut through and repair fences instead of climbing.

Keep good eye out for hostile humans and animals.

When trespassing private ranches with corida bulls (toros bravos),
don't wear vivid colours such as reds and violets that could irritate
them. Walk near trees so you could climb quickly if they suddenly

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