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1st stage - aug.2017/dec.2018
- financed from own means / Minipogon
- blueprints and instructions for building machines took over and downloaded from
- and support from Praksa Makerspace (Karkatag Collectiv) by providing working space, tools and supervision

2nd stage - december 2017/june 2018
of the project Minipogon is suported by:
- Trag Foundation, Program of Active Communities (supported by Charles Steward Mott Foundation, Balkan Trust for Democracy, Rockefeller Brothers Foundation)
with 348.000RSD for building of machines & workshops

Trag Foundation (Mott Foundation  Balkan Trust for Democracy  Rockefeller Brothers Foundation)

3rd stage - aug.2018/oct.2019
of the project suported by:
- R&D Grant of European Cultural Foundation
with 9.980EUR used for equipping the workshop in the Krnjaca refugee camp.

European Cultural Foundation