Technique over Technology Workshop.

14:00 Sunday 21 November 2004

The Cube Microplex, Dove Street, Bristol:


Technique over Technology Workshop:

A day of theoretical and practical distillation of
technology into technique.

If technology is considered as a mediation device to
mitigate against loss or unwelcome facilitation of
exploitation then any departure should be a step towards
freedom and wealth.

A journey into the domain of pure technique would appear
to be the way to go.
Areas of interest include:

Expressions of interest from:

Results and conclusions from this event are intend to be
applied to the efficient running of the IRATIONAL server.
Working definitions:

Technology: The scientific method and material used
to achieve a commercial or industrial objective.
Technology at best is a poor replacement of what has been
lost either by design or accident and at worst an integral
component in the engineering of that loss.

Technique: The systematic procedure by which a complex or
scientific task is accomplished. Technique can be the
creation of more by using nothing more than ordering of
sequence and spacial relations.