Do It Yourself Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid Day (DIY DNA DAY).

12:00 Saturday 10 April 2004.

Bristol Biotech Studio presents:

An afternoon for budding biotech hobbyists at the 
CUBE microplex, Bristol, UK.

Bring your kit and caboodle for display, exchange
and experimentation (Discovery Kids DNA Explorer welcome.)


- Anna Munster (Sydney, Australia) - video screening.
- Biopresence (London, UK) - demonstrating Transgenic Tombstones.
- Bureau of Inverse Technology (Transnational) - testing human medication on feral mice.
- Critical Art Ensemble (pan USA) - human crossed with ecoli petri pet.
- Frontline Forensics (Byron Bay Center For The Arts, Australia) - Mapping of human DNA using domestic appliances and toys.
- Kayle Brandon (Bristol, UK)  - BEAUTY SALON: Manicures, hair cuts and perfume. All off cuts will go all together for 'bumper bundle' DNA DAY attendance time capsule.
- Marc Silver and Max Pugh (london, UK) - Screening of 'The Leech and The Earthworm'.
- Mixalis Pichler (Berlin, Germany) - .
- Natural Reality eco-fascist group (Bristol, UK) - showing SuperWeed bio-weaponry. 
- Niki Sperou (Adelaide, Australia) - Screening of 'GMO cook up'.
- powerFARM (Woodstock New York, USA) - fetishized lab methods and body care implements.
- Possest group (Berlin, Germany) - video screening of 'Touch The Screen' (18 mins).
- Rachel Mayeri (Claremont, USA) - screening of 'Stories from the Genome'.
- Stuffit (Birmingham, UK) - open source bioinformatics; Biotech for the people propaganda.
- University of Openness Faculty of Fuckology (London, UK) - glory hole dna exchange (lowtech genetic anti-selection).




Funded by Arts Council England.