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Technical drawings


Krnjaca Camp






Building machines within One Happy Family - Community Center, Lesvos - low tech makerspace
14.02 2020, Mytilene, Lesvos

Assembling Compressor
04.09 2019, Tulla, Tirana
The compressor is almost finished. For this time the decision was made to orient the oven horizontally, not vertically as in Precious Plastic blueprin...

New Oven
26.07 2019, Ada Ciganlija
We got a new oven which is something bigger and more solid then the one we are already using. We separated it and brought to the Praksa workshop. When...

Sealing the Oven
05.10 2018, Miksaliste - Refugee Day Center, Belgrade
Sealing the oven with the high heat resistance silicon. In that way we hope oven will maintain better the heat and leak less energy, so as the poss...

Putting Isolation to the Compressor
26.05 2018, Praxa / Makerspace
stone wool isolation has to be cut so to leave place for passing all the wiring and ventilation tube..

Putting Isolation to the Compressor
26.05 2018, Praxa / Makerspace
All electric installations are set so we started putting stone wool isolation around the oven. Stone wool was purchased in Uradi Sam departmat st...

Putting Isolation to the Compressor
26.05 2018, Praxa / Makerspace
Attaching isolation on the compressor has to be performed outdoors as and with the required caution as the stone wool could result toxic.

Drilling hole for grounding wire
25.03 2018, Praxa / Makerspace
A hole is drilled for securing the connection from the grounding wire from mains power supply to the built in grounding terminals in the oven

Grounding wire connected
25.03 2018, Praxa / Makerspace
Grounding wire connected and secured. Also note connections to the two heating elements on the near (right) side and the single element on the f...

connecting the heaters with the thermostat
21.03 2018, Praxa / Makerspace
Rear view of the oven. All heating elements are wired in parallel. The loose exposed wires are grounding terminals and will be connected to the ...

digital thermostat arrived
17.03 2018, Praxa / Makerspace
digital thermostat arrived from kupujem/prodajem PID-SSR-40A-K-tip-senzor-57751797-o...

compressing platform completed
15.03 2018, Praxa / Makerspace
view of the compressor machine with all the parts assembled - except the electrical parts and the insulation that are yet to come

compressing platform tube
10.03 2018, Praxa / Makerspace
view of the positioned tube that raises compressing platform

compressing platform mechanism
10.03 2018, Praxa / Makerspace
view of the compressing platform mechanism without the oven

grinding the guiding tube
08.03 2018, Praxa / Makerspace
grinding welds that are attaching guiding tube to a stand

welding the guiding tube
08.03 2018, Praxa / Makerspace
view of the guiding tube being welded on to a stand

top panel for the compressing platform
05.03 2018, Praxa / Makerspace
preparation for the welding

grinding the found tube
05.03 2018, Praxa / Makerspace
grinding the found tube that will be used in the mechanism of the compressing platform as a guidance

drilling the hole in the bottom wall of the oven
05.03 2018, Praxa / Makerspace
drilling the hole for the compressing platform tube

completing the oven frame
02.03 2018, Praxa / Makerspace
the oven frame is welded onto the oven unit

the completed oven stand
02.03 2018, Praxa / Makerspace
the oven legs of the oven stand have been welded

building oven stand
02.03 2018, Praxa / Makerspace
the legs of the the oven stand are welded

side view of oven
02.03 2018, Praxa / Makerspace
side view showing oven door and gas exhaust pipe

oven and oven stand
02.03 2018, Praxa / Makerspace
oven frame and oven stand , ready to be welded together

griding the oven frame before welding
02.03 2018, Praxa / Makerspace
the surfaces to be welded are ground down to remove old welding bumps, thus ensuring the parts fit together

the oven
15.02 2018, Praxa / Makerspace
Oven unit is extracted from second hand cooker, and is ready to be worked on. Due to the design constraints of the compressor, the oven will be ...

building the oven frame
15.02 2018, Praxa / Makerspace
we ordered all metal parts for the structure for 7.500RSD. first step in making structure was to weld metal sections together to form the oven sup...

disassembling the cooker
14.02 2018, Praxa / Makerspace
we got the 2nd hand cooker for 3.000RSD through and it is disassembled in order to extract the oven

cleaning the oven parts
14.02 2018, Praxa / Makerspace
the oven is disassembled, and its parts need deep cleaning as its covered with a tick layer of fat

taking the measures for the structure
14.02 2018, Praxa / Makerspace
our oven is of different size from the one given in PP instructions, so we have to calculate and adapt measures for the new structure we are going...