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Technical drawings


Krnjaca Camp






Injector structure
03.03 2020, Praksa Maker space
After longer break we had a working day in Praksa and injectors structure is now finished. Sooner the better we should try the Barrack Bar Mould.

On the road again
17.02 2020, Mytilene, Lesvos
Building machines within One Happy Family - Community Center, Lesvos - low tech makerspace. We were invited to help establish the plastic recycling un...

Injector structure finished
07.11 2019, praksa Maker space
The structure of the injector is almost done, so now comes the electronic parts..

Combo Assembled
08.09 2019, Tulla, Tirana
The Combo is now assembled and we are doing the first tests in the Tulla workshop.

Making the chain connector between two motors on extruder
22.08 2018, Praxa / Makerspace, Belgrade
We finished the connection between 2 motors in extruder / injection. Guy from neghbouring bike shop help us with the chain connection.

Installing Heathing Elements for the Extruder-Injector
22.08 2018, Praxa / Makerspace
Installing heating elements together with electric box, PID temperature controller...

Centering the Extruder-Injector
19.08 2018, Praxa / Makerspace
Difficult task showed out to be centering all the extruder/injector components in line.

Building Extruder Structure
11.08 2018, Praxa / Makerspace
We decided to venture with a third machine not following the PP instructions. Our member Chow made proposal for building extruder and injector mach...

Nozzles for the Extruder-Injector
31.07 2018, Praxa / Makerspace
After discussing for a long time how to make a nozzle for the extruder we happen to find the already produced threaded pipe extensions that could b...

Heaters for the Extruder
13.07 2018, Praxa / Makerspace
the heaters for the extruder arrived, built by S...

Hooper for the Extruder
06.07 2018, Praxa
The hoper is cut in two folded pieces so it was easier to weld it together. It needed some tweaking as it was made to fit thinner pipe.

Hooper Attached to the Pipe
06.07 2018, Praxa
Finally the hopper can be attached to the pipe.

Making hole in the Pipe
06.07 2018, Praxa
The hole to in the pipe where hopper will come has to be cut very precisely.

Buying pipe in Ledine / 3rd intent
28.06 2018, Ledine (RM Alkon Stahl)
We went to Belgrade suburb of Ledine to try to find the seamless pipe that would exactly fit the size of screw. We found it for the price of 2000R...

Extrusion screw arrived!
22.05 2018, Praxa / Makerspace
Finally after 5 weeks extrusion screw had arrived from Indonesia. We ordered it on Precious Plastic Bazar. So far this would be the most expensive...